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Hello Everyone

It's time for a long overdue update.  First let me tell you what i've been up to.  As previously discussed over a year ago I ran out of money.  I should have done things differently, and I shouldn't have mixed the money between our 2 companies and projects.  Long story short, the money I was hoping to get back from the company that owed us -  is lost, they refuse to pay.

I have a business that makes turntables - and I slowly sell them each month.  My plan in 2017 was to sell the car - move out of rented accommodation - and cut all our overheads - with the idea of saving the money needed to finish off jackfish.   This is what we did - i sold my beloved car - moved in with friends and...

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Jackfish Update - Pre order shipments

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Firstly we must apologise in the delay in shipping out your Jackfish.   We are working as fast as we can, and as soon as we have shipped out the original orders from Kickstarter we will be sending off your packages.  

We have had to make some changes in the design.   Unfortunately, when we starter the production run - the cards were jamming in the guides.  After a few more prototypes we solved the problem.

The problem was the curved slot seen on the left.... by adding the curve to the guide as seen on the right and straightening the slot - it solved all the problems.   You may be wondering why we found this problem so late.... the main reason is the production version was made to a higher standard and the precision made it jam.  The prototype seen in the kickstarter images had...

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Bead blasted Titanium Finish

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We are currently making the final samples and testing the finish before we start the machines for our first production run.  We are very happy with everything,  The final sample has a much cleaner finish than the product originally photographed on our home page. The edges have been chamfered very slightly so they are rounded and feel good in the hand.   At the moment we are working on the packaging and a lid for the Jackfish.  We will update you soon when we have images of the new lid.  Thanks James. 

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Follow the progress as we make the Jackfish

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This is our new store.  It is a chance for those who missed out on the Kickstarter to join the community and pre order our amazing new Jackfish.  Our Kickstarter page will be updated showing everything that is happening behind the scenes as we build our new survival product. Unfortunately only Kickstarter backers can view these updates, so every 3 to 4 days we will keep you updated here with the latest Jackfish news.  Our next update will be in 4 days - Thanks James

Early prototype of the Titanium Jackfish - this is our every day carry when going for a walk in the forest



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